Nails! ♥

These Pictures Are My Nails Noone Elses. I Paint Them Myself. And they are not fake nails, these are my actual nails. Enjoy ! ☻

Youtube Channel For Tutorials:

Oh By The Way, You Can Click On The Picture If It’s Too Small For You To See! xP

WaterMelon: That was actually my first EVER Attempt In Painting My Nails Like That!

Green Zebra.

Grey & Purple: I don’t really like this one.

Purple Winter: These were my Eid nails.

Blue Stripes.

FireWork: These were one of my favourite! I actually had them on when I went to school. And we were not allowed to have any nail polish on during school. 4 teachers saw them and they’re like “Oh they’re so pretty! But you have to take them off .. oh well I’ll pretend I never saw them!” And I got away with it! Hahaha!  ♥ ♥

Grey & Blue Dots.

Ramadan Kareem 2012: Thumb is the book of the holly Quran, then the yellow thing was supposed to be Fataayer.. Fail .. 3rd is Half Moon, 4th is “Fanooos”, 5th are stars.

Mocks: I know. I’m so sad. I just had to remind myself that I HAVE to study for my exams. And it actually worked! Haha

Qatar Flag: Sorry for the bad quality, I took it with my phone. –Qatar National Day.

French Flag:French National Day.

Bright Blue: I actually mixed colours to get this colour. I had a bright dark blue, but I wanted a summery blue. All I did was mix the bright dark blue with my white nail polish to get this! So easy right ?

Youtube Tutorial For Bright Blue:

SpongeBob: My epic fail in drawing him.. AHAHAHAHAH Look at his eyes! They’re like Deformed! HAHA

Converse: Requested by my Friend Yara 🙂

Zebra French Nails.

Vote & Compete!

Youtube Tutorial For Zebra French Nails:

Hi.It’s.Maie. =D

Green Grass & Blue Sky.

Youtube Tutorial For Green Grass & Blue Sky:

Neon Summer: Just to let you know I didn’t create this design it was requested by my friend Layla :).

Orange&White: Glow Baby Glow!

Eid Nails – Day1: My Eid Dress Today Is Simply Pink & Flowery, Not The Hawaiian Style More Of An Elegant Touch. So I Thought Those Nails Fit With Them Perfectly.

Eid Nails – Day2: Today I wore a green skirt with a white formal shirt so I thought to give my nails a little edge. I lovelovelove the silver at the end of my nails, it gives it such a glamorous look !

Moment For Life♫: These nails are based on a song. The reason why I chose the colour blue is because the theme of the music video is pretty much blue.

Starting From My Thumb; It’s a night’s sky & a moon. The reason why I added that because in the song she says “I fly with the stars in the skies, I am no longer trying to survive“♫. Then obviously next finger “Moment” the other is “4Life”. And then some random thing I honestly don’t know what I did there but yeahh and finally “♫”.

-No I’m not lucky I’m blessed. YES! ♫

GoodBye Qatar: Well since I’m leaving Qatar for good I felt like I had to do my nails! I know I’ve already done Qatar nails before for Qatar National Day but I did this in a different ‘Style‘. So yeahh 🙂

Pink Glitter Nails: I’m not a huge fan of glitter, but I thought of trying it. so yeahh

Painted By My Friends; Yara & Caroline 🙂

Pink & White: I like the first one more than the second one, probably because the 2nd one is messy 😦

Neon Nails: Bright Yellow! So Summery! Me Love.

Soccer Spirit: So we had a soccer competition. And I wanted to do something special with my nails. My shirt was number”2“. And my name starts with the letter “M“. Then I added a deformed soccer ball haha. It looks so bad. And the colours of our Kit. 🙂 Team Spirit! Oh, and we came second place :).

Dark Night Out: I was going out to a birthday party at night. So I decided to make my nails edgy by using dark blue, but abit sweet by adding white dots that look like flowers and glitter on my ring finger. Simple, easy, and pretty.

Yemen Nails: So I was inspired by this ring that my best friend gave me. It’s all the way from Yemen. It has such nice patterns. So I decided to put the same patterns on my nails but as you can tell I miserably failed. It looks nothing like the pattern on the ring. It looks like a Chinese/Japanese drawing talking about war. Haha, most people are probably not going to like this nail design. But to me it’s special :).

Summery Circles; I know it’s not summer, but I felt like doing something happy and simple. 🙂

Happy Nails: As you can tell I was in a Good Mood. Easy, Simple, & Happy. 🙂

Violet nails

Violet Nails: This is SO my Winter Colour this year. It’s such a calm colour and so beautiful and feminin. I am inlove.

sky clouds nails

Blue Sky Nails: I’ll be in the sky.They’re such happy & peaceful nails. One of my favourite!

silver and white nails

Silver & White Nails

pink and white nails

Pink and white Dots

Superman nails

SuperMan Nails: I never thought I’d actually be able to draw this onto my nails, But I did!! I recieved ALOT of compliments even from the guys! – They’re not even interested in nail art. – One of my favourite ever!

Shrek Nails

Shrek Nails: These nails are such a fail but atleast I gave it a shot with a toothpick!! hahahah

SuperStriped Nails

SuperStriped: Just like my other superman nails except easier for lazy people 😛


Black, White & Turquoise: I didn’t create this design, it was inspired by it.

I Was Challenged To Do A 30 Day Nail Art Challenge Click Here To See It !

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18 thoughts on “Nails! ♥

  1. Cupcaaaake ;) says:

    My favorittee is the converssee and the polka dots and the blue stripes and and and all of them :’) they’re beau2ifull just like youuh :’)

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