My Diary of Thoughts


A loud Embarrassment!

Awakened By My Dad’s Scream..

An Unexplained Feeling

Golden Moments Of My Life

Got Knocked Down? Get Back Up!

She’s Tired Of Feeling That Way

She Carried Herself Like A Queen ♔.

Twinkling Eyes ✯

– A Little Story About My Hijab 

– Their Masks Collapsed.

-Hijabi’s Can’t Wear What They Want!

-For the Ladies that don’t shake hands with Men.

– 10 FUN things to do during Ramadan!

– 9 Major Mistakes Hijabis Do.

-Hijab Survey

-Why I blame EX-Hijabi bloggers for creating the trend of many girls taking their Hijab off.

-I started university with 30 friends and left with 1…