My 30 Days Nail Art Challenge! ♣

The Challenge; You can click on the picture to view them larger. 🙂

Day1 – Red Nails: Not all of it is red obviously (A). but most of it is so yeahh.

Starting From the left; Heart, Red Lips, A Fail Flower, and a strawberry.

Day2 – Orange Nails: The theme that I was thinking of for this one was supposed to be a nice sunset scene but nooo it looks like a Halloween design!

Starting From My Thumb; Palm tree, just an orange colour, “sunset” <– fail, but i still like the colour tho. A spooky fail palm tree, then it was supposed to be 2 birds but instead they look like 2 bats.. *Sigh*

Day3 – Yellow Nails: I call these “The Happy Nails“. So easy, simple and happy 🙂 .

Day4 – Green Nails: Up till now this is my favourite! I think I’m actually going to do a tutorial for this since noone has this idea yet (6) !

Staring From My Pinkie; Well It’s basically different shades of green and some glitter at the bottom. I love the next one, it’s like a green french nail thingg I Love It! After that is basically a blue sky with grass and the red dots are supposed to be flowers.. My mom thought it was a volcano .. Thanks mom .. But she has her excuse she was looking at them when the lights were off and only the lamp was on . Mhmm .

Youtube Tutorial For Green Grass & Blue Sky:

Day5 – Blue Nails: Ok this one definitely beats the green nails ^ . Or at least that’s my opinion. This is my favourite & will probably stay my favourite because it has a meaning behind it. As you can see all of my nails are summery/Beach excluding my middle finger. My middle finger is a rainy/stormy and depressing day. so what’s the meaning? Just because today is a really horrible day doesn’t mean the sun isn’t going to shine in the rest 🙂 .

Staring From My Pinkie; Beach & sand for the first 2. Then clouds and rain, after that beach/sand and the red and white thing is a SHELL. Mama thought it said “Allah” in Arabic,Don’t know how the hell she saw that 0.0 and finally my thumb beach/sand and a red starfish.

Day6 – Violet Nails: A Purple Balloon! Not as creative as the rest but not too simple either. Loving the background colour of my nails the “light purple”. Such a calm colour. The balloon idea was actually from my friends Asalah&Maya ♥.

Day7 - Black and White

Day7 – Black & White Nails: Circle Circle Dot Dot AHA.

Day8 - Metallic

Day8 – Metallic Nails: I know they’re not exactly Metallic but that’s the closest nail polish I have!

Day9 – Rainbow Nails.

Day10 - Gradient Nails

Day10 – Gradient Nails: Ok. Everyone might have a different opinion about these gradient nails I dunno. Anyways I just added Red lines on top of the gradient area as you can tell from the bottom pictures 🙂

Day11 – Polka Dots.

Day12 – Stripes: Random lines, It’s Simple, yet Effective. I Painted These On, On The First Day At My New School 🙂

Day13 – Animal Print: I’m actually very surprised! I never thought I’d actually be able to do this print so I’m pretty impressed with the result! 🙂

Day14 – Flowers: The Colours are very elegant I Like it.

Day 15 – Delicate Printing: Simple yet effective. I really like it. At first I wasn’t sure if I like it or if I should change it.The gold makes it seem very delicate.

tribal Nails day 16

Day 16 -Tribal Print: It doesn’t really have a Tribal Print. However, It sure has Tribal Colours! It’s so funky and colourful and seems creative. I recieved alot of compliments when I painted them on.

Day 17 – Glitter: Coming soon..


Day 18 – Half Moons: I love love love this colour. It’s bluey/Purplish colour. Silver really compliments it.


Day 25 – Inspired By Fashion


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