I started university with 30 friends and left with 1…



Here is what I’ve learned during my 4 years of studying at university.


 1. First year of university – Everyone is lovely and wonderful and it will be the best year of your life.

          Take care fake masks everywhere.

2. Second year of university – You will start with half of the group you originally started with.

           Some people’s masks start to fall off.

3. You will recognize that so many people appear to ‘love you’ and smile right in your face but as soon as you walk away they’ll start talking trash.

          Disappointments come from unexpected people.

4. Third year of university – People love you until they start to feel that you’re better than them. That’s when they’ll sense threat and that love transforms to jealousy.

          Competition brings more enemies to the table.

5. Girls who gossip with you about other girls are going to do the same with you.

          90% of the people who are gossiping don’t even know the person they just tell you what they           heard about that person. And 100% that gossip is twisted in a way to spice up the topic and           bring more drama since it satisfies them.

6. Female bathrooms is where unfinished business always stays.

          You will witness fights, gossip, tears and of course some people hiding in the bathroom to           avoid a certain someone..

7. You don’t have to fit in, some people are made to standout

          The number of friends you have on Facebook, the number of followers you have on               Instagram does not determine how loved you are. You can measure your scale of love by the number of people who stayed by your side during a really rough time. And those people you can only count on your fingers.

8. Senior Year – Loyalty ends when the benefit stops.

          No more group projects? No more lecture notes that you wrote down? No more them being           around you.

          You’ll start to live that feeling strongly by the end of senior year.

9. In the process of losing yourself you will also find who you truly are

          You will go through a lot of situations that will consume you emotionally. Whether it’s           going through heartbreak, a family member/friend passing away or even not having enough energy to achieve what you dream of. It will all pass. I repeat, it – will – pass.

10. Fresh graduate – After university ends, people will only remember who your group of friends were.

If you were around people who were a bad influence throughout the 4 years, people will remember that. If you were a person who studied super hard and was the first A star student in your year group, people will remember that.

          But why is that important?

Your reputation lives on… When you look for a job & someone from your university works there he will either say to the person hiring you

“oh yeah that person was a super hard worker”


 “That person always ditched class to smoke up.”

When you find a partner who wants to marry you but then common friends tell them that you were part of the group who dated a new guy every week.. I don’t think that relationship will end nicely…








Which point did you feel like you can relate to the most?

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