Why I blame EX-Hijabi bloggers for creating the trend of many girls taking their Hijab off.

All of a sudden the contagious rise of Hijabi fashion bloggers.

Now it’s not really a problem if Hijabi Bloggers are able to  help out other Hijabi girls in creating outfits for them and telling them where to buy things and how to wear them. But the problem starts once that Hijabi blogger earns a huge number of followers. With that following  comes a major responsibility on the way she acts & her influence on the people who follow her.

After many Hijabi followers idolizing that blogger as their role model and putting their trust in that person to help them strengthen their faith in staying committed to their Hijab.. all of a SUDDEN their idol takes her hijab off…

And when EX-Hijabi bloggers are asked why they took their hijab off the response is usually one of the following:

“It’s between God and I.”

“It’s none of your business.”

“I’m free to do what I want. It’s my life.”

“I never felt confident/beautiful in it and now I’m happy.”

“Hijab is not compulsory”

Now let’s get things straight. Everyone makes mistakes and that’s fine. But it’s only fine when you’re the only one accountable for your own mistakes. However, when you are a blogger with maybe hundreds, thousands or even millions of people following you and trusting in you, it stops becoming only YOUR mistake because many people will also imitate your mistake and fall into the same mistake making it also your responsibility since you were apart of influencing such acts.

And the bigger problem behind all of this is that the EX-Hijabi blogger does not admit that it is a mistake! Many argue that it is completely fine to do such actions,  brainwashing and convincing the minds of her followers that it is something completely acceptable when it’s not. Obviously not all EX-Hijabi bloggers do the previous actions but a high majority does.

Without mentioning any names, but there was this beautiful Hijabi blogger who had more than 500,000 people following her.  Unfortunately, she decided to take her hijab off and with that action taken she shutdown her account on Instagram. I don’t know her intentions behind closing her account but I surely do respect her for at least not being the reason behind other people imitating her actions.

Don’t underestimate your power & influence on social media.

The perfect example to explain what I am trying to say is if you smoke cigarettes don’t encourage the people surrounding you to also smoke cigarettes. You know it’s harmful and it will harm the people around you. Don’t be the reason behind them starting.

Try to keep your mistakes to yourself in order to minimize the damages.

At the end of the day everyone makes mistakes, it’s never too late to fix them.

Do you agree?


7 thoughts on “Why I blame EX-Hijabi bloggers for creating the trend of many girls taking their Hijab off.

  1. mariam says:

    Completely agree with you and i don’t think hijab isn’t so heavy constraining thing that any girl couldn’t deal with . They have to get the idea that hijab is compulsory and we wear it so god bless us .
    May allah bless all of us inshallah and to be on the right way

  2. Suhad Hani says:

    you have a good point, and i completely agree wtih every word you wrote, but also anyone love being famous or having many followers so not all ex-hijabis can delete their account, i’m sure everyone of us her account means something special to her, but who does the same because her role model removed her hijab, it’s a weakness and honestly i don’t blame her, i blame them for acting like her 🙂

  3. Menna Yasser says:

    You are so beautiful in your words really💙. Ana fe3lann shouft nas ktieer bet2la3 El hegaab w b nafs el asbaab El enty 2oulteha w bgd akna3tene gedan, 3shan lama shouft en nas ktieer bet2la3o bgdd edaye2tt gedann w ba2ouul l nafsy howa an mumken a3ml zayehoum keda? Bas ba3d kalamek da khadt positive energy bgdd thank you kalamek daa touhfa wallahyy🌚💜💜.

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