9 Major Mistakes Hijabis Do.

Ok so for the girls that wear hijab, we all make mistakes. And it’s ok to make mistakes. But let’s try to fix these mistakes. Here are 9 things we may be guilty of.


  1. Hair visible:

The most popular and a major mistake. The point of our hijab is to cover our hair. I know the hijab looks prettier showing the roots of our hair but we all know it’s not right. It completely confiscates the purpose of wearing the hijab. Your hair colour and texture is not a mystery anymore, all the guys/girls know it. Some girls don’t show their hair on purpose, sometimes the hijab slips and this is why you can wear a ‘Bandana’ AKA ‘Amta’ AKA ‘headband’. This keeps the hijab in place and your hair fully covered.

PicMonkey Collage2

  1. The Carina body:

I’ve seen a lot of girls wear a Carina body as a shirt. The problem with that is that the Carina is super tight on the body making your body parts visible. The purpose of the Carina body is to be dressed under the shirt, not become the actual shirt.

PicMonkey CollageBODY2

  1. Skinny jeans:

I think most of us are guilty of this one and that includes myself. We all know it’s not right for a Hijabi to wear skinny jeans yet we all tend to ignore it. Your jeans don’t have to be SUPER tight, you can get ‘skinny jeans’ 2 sizes larger than your original size in order to avoid tightness around the thighs. As for the waist, you can take the jeans to the tailor to adjust the waist area. Or simply replace them with Boyfriend Jeans!

Moreover, I’ve tried to replace skinny jeans with skirts and dresses but that can’t apply to every occasion. There are days when you are going to places that involves going up the stairs, walking a lot, or simply a windy day and that’s when you can’t really wear skirts and dresses. You have to wear something comfortable and are easy to run around with. The looser the better.

PicMonkey CollageSKINNY JEANS2

  1. Tight skirts and dresses;


  1. Sleeves rolled up:

The reason behind girls rolling up their sleeves is because of the heat. I know, tell me about it. You feel a slight breeze enter that area hahah. But let’s try to roll them down a little.


  1. Jeans rolled up:



  1. Turbans:

Most girls that wear turbans show their necks, hair, chest, arms. I have seen this one girl that wore a turban and with a turtle neck shirt and a scarf wrapped around her neck. She looked good. Because she was fully covered. But most girls just can’t keep it halaal.

PicMonkey CollageTURBANS2

  1. Transparent clothing:

Chiffon shirts especially are sort of see-through. Which means everything underneath the blouse is visible. That’s when Carina Body comes to use. Or simply pick a different material for the blouse.

PicMonkey CollageCHIFFON3


  1. Transparent hijabs!

There are some veils that are transparent.

  1. you can wear a headband underneath it.
  2. or you can pick a different Hijab material.



It’s ok we all make mistakes. Now that you’re clear on what your mistakes are start writing a plan on how you’re going to fix them. Things come one step at a time.

Just start with Bismillah.

بسم الله


If you have any other suggestions comment in the box below


10 thoughts on “9 Major Mistakes Hijabis Do.

  1. Selma says:

    Thanks for a much needed post ^^ I just wanted to suggest two more things: 1. feet are often ignored but they actually shouldn’t be shown, but there are nude colored socks to wear with open shoes.
    2. Make-up. I know this one is controversial but it is considered a form of adornment, especially if you’re wearing bright colors.

  2. Nuz says:

    It’d be better to enlighten women about plucking eyebrows, it’s haram isn’t it? Rasool (saw) has cursed the women who do so, this issue is addressed very lightly….

  3. nosmana95 says:

    I like Hijabis that always have nail polish while going for prayer haha..they knowww it needs to be removed. Very nice post Mai, I personally wrote a (private) post to girls that are so proud with the new trend of turbans. It’s excessive in the middle east, makes me feel like most of these girls are not really wearing hijab to identify themselves as Muslims as much as they want to look all fashionable and modernized. I kept the post private because I don’t want to end up hurting lots of people, not everyone accepts criticism you know..

    I would understand if a girl wears a turban on a beach or when she has a very active kind of activity, or an indoor family gathering for instance. I personally wear a Banada and a neck scarf when I go for a early morning jog. If girls love turbans so much it’s all right, everyone has a different style but at least cover your neck ya5i! At least. Tight jeans, neck is showing, high heels, D&G Sunglasses, bla bla bla. Just take off your Hijab you know?

    Simple, elegant hijabis are just beautiful.

    • maiekh says:

      Yeah I agree with you, but that’s the thing I can criticize people all day but that won’t change a thing other than increase hatred between people. So instead of criticizing try to advice them in a polite manner and they might end up getting convinced. And they might not. But at least you didn’t ‘lose them’. you know what I’m tryna say?
      And thank you for your lovely comment ❤

  4. Fatima says:

    Let me start by saying that I agree with all of the points you mentioned above, and I ask Allah to keep all of us Muslim sisters on the right path (Ameen). However I do want to point out a few points you made that I found I didnt completely agree on. You’ve mentioned under the first point, ‘hair showing’, the “purpose of the hijab” and “the point of the hijab”. Surely there is a bigger purpose which is more than just covering of the hair. Lets not forget that the WHOLE purpose of covering up (in general, and not just hair) is first and foremost to please Allah and to preserve our modesty and hayaa’. Nevertheless, what an excellent post! Just wanted to point that tiny bit out ^^

    Glad to see fellow hijabis sharing concerns about what ‘hijab’ is becoming nowadays! its truly alarming how girls becoming more and more willing to roll uo their sleeves & Jeans! Appreciate your efforts in drawing attention on this matter (not many people would do that!)

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