Golden Moments Of My Life

PicMonkey Collage

And there..
We finally entered Palestine..
As the sunset was taking place our car drove through the lively streets of Palestine observing the scenery, the people, selling their goods, talking and laughing. A little boy around 10 years old realized that our plate number wasn’t normal. It had “Qatar” written on the side. I watched his hand reach out and point towards our car. All I heard flow out of his mouth was QATAR! HADOOL MEN QATAR!! (Qatar, they’re from Qatar!).

Everyone stopped what they were doing and turned they’re gaze towards our plate number. Within seconds the street has never been so alive with little kids screaming on the top of their lungs QATAR, HALLA B-AHEL QATAR(Qatar, hello the people of Qatar) People started cheering, children on their bikes were riding next to our car as it drove. Whistles occupied the air, children started running after our car as if we carried freedom in our hands. This feeling has never escaped me and every time I remember those golden moments of my life it never fails to draw a smile on my face.


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