An Unexplained Feeling



I was in the car looking out of my window while listening to music through my headphones and I couldn’t help myself but notice how beautiful the sky seemed today. It was different. Qatar’s sky was always light blue and cloudless. Pretty boring to watch to be honest. But here .. Here it’s so different ..It took my breath away. I guess I just caught up with what I was missing out on my whole entire life. The sunshine approaching the clouds as if an angel was hiding behind it. It seemed so magical to me and unexplainable. I rolled my window down enjoying the amazing breeze here in Egypt. The wind running through my lashes touching every end of it. The area was so cheerful and just full of life. The sky was a calm pink colour and the sun was a dark vibrant orange. I watched it set behind a building.

I think I found the breath-taking part of Egypt I think I found the definition of beauty.


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