Awakened By My Dad’s Scream..

Right. So I was sleeping.

Well I wasn’t actually asleep, I was half asleep. I woke up to pray and then all I heard was my dad screaming downstairs.  I’ve never ever heard him scream as loud as today.

TA3AAL HENNAA” (Come here!) He screamed. Then after a few seconds BAM BAM BAM. He was hitting something repeatedly.. My brain was fully awake and my ears were alert!

I sat up in my bed waiting for what’s next! I heard him scream even LOUDER this time. I couldn’t exactly make out what he said. But maaan he was furious!

I got out of bed, went to the bathroom, washed my face and I made Wudu. Then I came back to my room to pray Asr. I was in my 3rd Raq’aa when my dad screamed again till the point where my whole body vibrated dramatically!

Finally! After I was done praying I went to my sister’s room to check if she was awake.. I thought she might’ve got baba mad because she didn’t obey mama’s orders. But she was in deep sleep surprisingly.  After that I went to my brothers room.  He was holding his arm while sleeping. So I thought that baba hit his arm probably for not praying on time. I poked his arm as if he was an alien haha. No sign of movement.

So I calmly went downstairs to say good morning and see if mama needed any help since she never takes a break in cleaning! I bet you anything she has dreams about cleaning the house!  Anyway so I go downstairs and I don’t find mama in the kitchen. So I go to the living room where my dad was. He was standing next to the coach while watching TV. So I say good morning to my dad and he greets me with a smile. He seemed pretty normal to me… I take a glance at the TV. Now I know why he was so furious! Because there was the soccer match, Egypt against Newzealand and Egypt missed so many easy goals. Hahahahaha and this whole time I thought I was at world war 3! Man pure Arabs :’)



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