A loud Embarrassment!

Ok so today I went to a mall with my mom and sister.

So as usual, I’m hungry and begged my mom to get food. She gave me money and went to KFC to order for my sister and I. KFC was empty no one was there to order. As soon as I came more people started to come, what the hell?

Anyway so the Philipino guy says “Hey mam!”

Me: Hi

Philipino guy: How are you?

Me: I’m good, what about you?

Philipino guy: I’m good, glad you came again

I just went quiet… Because I’ve never order KFC from that specific mall…

Anyway so after we finished we were on our way to go swim and we had a CD playing in the car “Moves like jagger”. My mom parked when we arrived at the place and she “turned off the car” so the CD stopped playing… So the idiot that I am thinking I’m in my room, I was singing in a loud voice to annoy my mum. We opened the car’s door, while I continued to sing in a loud voice thinking we were the only people on the street and on top of that I wasn’t wearing my glasses so I was pretty much BLIND! My sister was like “sshh” I thought she said that because she was jealous of my voice!

SO GET IN THE CAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRR”   I ‘sang’ with the lyrics of the song.

2 khaleeji guys were standing RIGHT THERE! They stared looking around to findout where the hell that amazing voice was coming from. I turned around to my mom and said “Mama I’m still mad at you!!”  Trying to change the subject of me singing

She smiled because she realized I was SO EMBARRASSED hahahahah I’m SUCH an idiot…



4 thoughts on “A loud Embarrassment!

  1. Abdulla hassan says:

    Hahahahaahahahaha LMAOOO i cant believe i was actually bothered to read this bs HAHAHAAHAHAHA it’s goingg greatt keep writingg =))

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